About Us Ageman Final


AGEMAN (should be pronounced as ‘a-ge-man’, not ‘eij-mæn’) is an Indonesian local brand which loves to create a great mixture between traditional and modern look in fashion so that can be worn in all events – formal and informal. Even though the word ‘ageman’ simply means clothing in Javanese, actually AGEMAN embraces almost all traditional fabrics in Indonesia. AGEMAN values the process of making traditional materials. Instead of using printed ones to get traditional patterned fabrics, AGEMAN chooses to work together with local craftspeople in using the traditional way for making beautiful fabrics.

AGEMAN was born on January 12th, 2013. It comes from the ideas of two young ladies who claim their selves as best friends since high school. Feby Bramandewi is a fabulous one who was born for art and Indonesia. While Kiky Anggraeni is a brilliant one who wants to die for art and Indonesia. Both of them has the same addiction in life; anything related with art and Indonesia.

AGEMAN always tries to emphasize the importance of quality as well as brand attitude. Thus, AGEMAN was chosen as a partner of HIMMARCOM Bina Nusantara 2014 to present a fashion show. Also, AGEMAN was asked to join with some remarkable bazaars in Jakarta, such as WTF Market in Grand Indonesia and FILARTC in Taman Ismail Marzuki.

AGEMAN can be found online in www.ageman.co. Kindly like AGEMAN’s Facebook page (AGEMAN) or follow @agemandotco on Instagram and Twitter for updates related to collections and events.